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Bike Summer is a non-profit organized by people like you!

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Get your shirts, pennants, and stickers now! First pre-order ends May 9th. Items will be ready for pick up at our Pickup Party on May 23rd.


Bike Summer is a 501(c)(3) thanks to our fiscal sponsor, Umbrella. Your donations are tax deductible and much appreciated! Thank you for helping make this volunteer-run community non-profit happen.



Connect with fellow cyclists and explore the city together. Our community rides cater to all skill levels and are a great way to discover new routes.

About the Artist

Meet nia musiba

nia musiba [knee-uh moo-see-buh] is an ant loving, asparagus hating multidisciplinary creative based in Portland, Oregon with a lifelong commitment to diversifying art and design spaces. Since 2019, this has manifested in community-based projects, public art, and taking up space within her personal practice in an attempt to inspire others who hold marginalized identities to do the same. nia is interested in collaboration, experimentation, question-asking, friend-making, and above all else, dreaming big. She views her depictions of Black and brown bodies as a way to reclaim the tenderness and complexities of her own identity as well as an opportunity to hold space for other people of color who historically have been misrepresented in overly flattened, brutalized, and hyper-sexualized ways within art and media.

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